The land of Uncle Sam, National Parks and burgers

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With over 50 states to visit, it will be hard to choose which states and cities not to visit in the United States. Book cheap international flights to the United States with, whether you're travelling to the Big Apple (New York), the City by the Bay (San Francisco) or the Windy City (Chicago).

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On the road in the USA

A great way to cover and see as much of the United States as possible is to take a road trip. Many of these have been immortalised in songs and books. Route 66 covers 2,400 miles from Chicago to Los Angeles, the Pacific Coast Highway stretches up the coast of California for 930 miles, and the Great River Road follows the course of the mighty Mississippi as it winds its way from Minnesota down to New Orleans.

Where to stay in the United States?

If you had to sum up America in one word it would probably be ‘diverse’. Then there is mesmerising, ever-changing, and of course, huge. Most of the states are so massive they have their own laws or they trip across different time zones.

The hotels in the United States offer just as much variety so be prepared to have fun, meet a bunch of interesting people, and see sights you never contemplated before.

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