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Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia and yet nearly three quarters of it is uninhabited. This is due to vast tracts of frozen wasteland in the north of Canada. It also means that 90% of the population of Canada live within 160km of the US border.

This is great news in one way as there are huge areas in Canada that are unspoilt, from temperate rainforests and desert to lush orchards and fjords. Canada seems to encompass the world’s geography in one country – what other enticement do you need to visit Canada?

Introducing Canada

From the Great Lakes in the south of Canada to the Rocky Mountains in the west and the Arctic lowlands in the north, Canada has it all. Couple that with a cosmopolitan feel in the major cities and it is easy to see why Canada is such a popular tourist destination.

Wildlife in Canada ranges from polar bears to the musk ox and bighorn sheep. Countless rivers and lakes, which make up half the freshwater in the world, means fishing is a major sport in Canada as it is also blessed with 37 national parks.

The people of Canada are a real mixture with French Canadians living mostly in and around Quebec, and British ancestry still evident. Despite the majority of Canadians having French and British ties, there are around 60 significant minorities including Italian, Ukrainian and Chinese Canadians. The native people of Canada are aboriginals, Inuit, and Métis, a mix of French and Indian.

Highlights of Canada

How could you resist not visiting a place called Happy Valley-Goose Bay or taking in the delights of Montreal with its horse-drawn carriages? More excitement is to be had when viewing the thundering Niagara Falls in Ontario or getting a feel for polar bear territory in Churchill, Manitoba.

Do not be put off by the barrenness of Northern Canada where you can witness the wonder of the Northern Lights or appreciate the unique art of the Inuit people. If trekking is your thing, then the Rockies are the place to go with six national parks to discover.

The Great Lakes of Canada, with the towns and cities that surround them, are the lifeblood to many Canadians providing a lifestyle that is vibrant and friendly. Quebec City is a must with towering basilicas and cobbled streets.

For a more cultural view of Canada, try and get to Ottawa, the capital city, for museum and theatre trips as well as visits to galleries and dance centres.

Canada has so much to offer that is would be impossible to see it all in one trip. The best way forward for a two week trip is careful planning before you go to pinpoint exactly where you want to visit.

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