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Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle, is rich in mythology, and has a wide diversity of countryside, literature and historic sites. Do not also forget the traditional music which pervades the streets and hills of Ireland whatever time of year you visit.

It is also the friendliness and willingness of the Irish people to help that gives a warmth to Ireland, whether you cosy up to an old boy in a pub for a chat or greet someone on a windswept walk, you are sure to encounter a smile or two.

An overview of Ireland

In 1921, Ireland was split into the Republic of Ireland with 26 counties, and Northern Ireland consisting of six counties, which is part of the United Kingdom. It is a divided island and has had more than its fair share of wars and tragedies. Behind all that is an Ireland determined to forge its own path in the 21st century and to prove to the rest of Europe that Ireland is a force to be reckoned with.

For a relatively small land mass, Ireland has plenty to offer in the way of landscape from ancient mountains and primeval bog land in Connemara, to granite hills in Wicklow and long stretches of beach in Rosslare. The same is true of the architecture in Ireland with Iron Age forts still evident alongside Round Towers from the 12th century and Georgian country houses.

Music is like the bread and butter of fact it is the only country in the world to have a musical instrument – the harp – as its emblem. Wherever you venture in Ireland, you will never be far from a pub with live music. Hand-in-hand with this goes dancing. Whether that is girls performing a traditional Irish dance at a festival or an impromptu break out of the hornpipe at a village hall, the Irish love to dance.

Highlights of Ireland

From Cork in the south to Galway in the west, Sligo in the north to Dublin in the east, Ireland has a fascinating array of towns and cities to visit. Then there is the beautiful Ring of Kerry, kissing the Blarney Stone near Cork, and the Aran Islands where little has changed for over 100 years.

Connemara National Park is 5,000 acres of bog land, mountains and lakes, with semi-wild ponies roaming through it all. Nearby is the fairytale Kylemore Abbey, situated right on the lake with part of it run as a girls school by Benedictine nuns. Visitors can walk round some of the abbey and enjoy the Victorian walled garden.

Ireland has so much to offer in terms of sites, activities to do, and amazing views. Even if you live in Ireland it is worth exploring outside your normal areas to find out a bit more about this incredible country and its history.

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