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Whatever your pleasure or passion, Malaysia is sure to have something to satisfy it. If you are a nature lover, Malaysia has national parks and exotic animals galore. If you want to be more active, the diving opportunities around the coast of Malaysia are second to none. Perhaps you prefer a more urban life...then Malaysia has cities where you can learn about the culture and architecture of Malaysia.

Explorers and travellers have been coming to Malaysia for more than 1,000 years because variety is the spice of life, and that is certainly true in Malaysia. One person can discover something in Malaysia that another might miss, so take this opportunity to find out what you can learn in Malaysia.

A potted history of Malaysia

The era when human civilisation emerged in Malaysia is shrouded in mystery due to lack of archaeological evidence, although a 40,000 year-old skull was discovered in 1958. Suffice it to say, early humans in Malaysia relied on the flow of sea trade between China and India.

Yet this was also the problem – throughout the centuries the great trading nation of Malaysia has been inundated with foreign invaders including the British, Portuguese and Dutch, attracted by the abundance of natural wealth and its halfway position between India and China.

Malaysia as an independent country was only formed in 1963, which united the peninsular states of Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah. Now Malaysia is thriving with a vibrant tourist industry and many natural resources which add to its beauty.

Highlights of Malaysia

Even though Peninsular Malaysia and Malaysian Borneo are separate, they form part of the same tectonic plate which once joined them together as a single land mass. Hence many of the geological features are the same such as rivers, mountains, and rainforests that are 130 million years old.

If you do not mind a few leeches and flying bugs, a trek into one of these ancient forests can be magical. It is advised to go on an organised tour to get the most out of the hike.

For a more relaxing holiday in Malaysia, the two islands of Pulau Perhentian are a blissful getaway with white sandy beaches and snorkelling opportunities. Both islands are well serviced with lively bars and reasonably priced chalets.

For breathtaking views, hop over to Malaysian Borneo to Kinabalu National Park which incorporates Mt Kinabalu, a mountain which is still growing at the rate of 5mm a year. It is supposedly one of the easiest mountains in the world to climb, and from the summit on a clear day you can see all the way over to the Philippines.

Last but by no means least are the orang-utans, the only great ape to live outside Africa. Sadly there are hardly any left in the wild but you can see them at various sanctuaries and nature reserves.

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