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About Turkey

Turkey is one of the few countries that spans both Eastern Europe & Western Asia. It's capital is Ankara and the country is fast becoming a favourite holiday destination for Irish & U.K. tourists.

Some things to know before you go:

  • the national currency is the Turkish Lira
  • the official language is Turkish, however most tourist destinations will be perfect for English speakers
  • Turkeys largest city is Istanbul
  • Population is 75.5 million

Things to do in Turkey

As with most holidays it's always helpful to be able to plan some of your itinerary in advance. Turkey has some must see attractions, and for those of you with a keen interest in history, it couldn't be a better destination.

A must see attraction while in Turkey is the old Roman city of Ephesus, this is thought to be one of the most well preserved Roman sites in the Mediterranean and is a place you will want to return to time and time again.

A beautiful gulf area with golden beaches and small islands dotted throughout, Fethiye is a wonderful place to spend a full day.

Sumela Monastery
This 4th century monastery is situated precariously on the ledge of a very steep cliff, but is an absolutely amazing place to visit. For those who may not have a head for heights, it will be worth it!

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