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Each year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of visitors and thus has all the conveniences modern travellers expect, including regular flights from most major airlines to its four international airports. So if you plan to fly to any of these destinations, can help you to secure cheap-flight travel.

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You will find this part of the Arabian Peninsula offers an amazing selection of natural and historical treasures, such as the mountainous Taif resorts, the archaeological splendour of the ancient tombs of Nabatea, and the stunning coral reefs beneath the waters of the Red Sea. Though popular perceptions seem to suggest this is a country of endless sand deserts – and there are indeed some magnificent examples – you will also discover lush mountain vegetation, scenic parks, lakes, fountains and a host of historic buildings.

If you are a dedicated sun-seeker or keen on water sports, the beautiful Red Sea coast with its pristine sandy beaches and abundant marine life is a prime location. Other activities you will enjoy include horse- and camel riding and visits to amusement parks, museums and galleries.

Shopping in Saudi Arabia

The major Saudi-Arabian cities host large shopping malls where all the famous major brands are present, and there are also plenty of department stores, clothes shops and high-quality jewellery stores. You can also try exploring antique shops, plus local souks and markets, if you want to track down more traditional goods.

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In such a large country, flying is a regular means of travel so, with the help of's excellent online search facilities and easy access to all major airlines covering this destination, you should find that arranging cheap flights to Saudi Arabia becomes a trouble-free experience.

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