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Where to stay?

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Where to stay in Lisbon

Lisbon not only offers city life but also beach life, river life, and even rocky coast life. Within an hour of the city itself you can be among the salty tang of the Atlantic coast, admiring a countryside dotted with villas, or to the south, where there are gorgeous beaches and fishing villages to wander around.

The ideal way to approach your holiday is have a base in one of the many hotels Lisbon has to explore the surrounding area. Then you can always retreat back to your hotel Lisbon style for elegant dining in the evening.

The different hotels Lisbon offers

The wide variety of hotels Lisbon can offer means the visitor has a great choice when it comes to accommodation. From the smartest hotels Lisbon has down to chain and cosy family run hotels Lisbon has the lot.

Some of the hotels Lisbon has have great views, not surprising considering the location of the city. From views of the river estuary to ones of the castle or looking down on the city from the hills, these hotels Lisbon has offer stunning scenery from your bedroom window.

As for character hotels Lisbon is not short of a few due to its history. You could choose to stay in a former convent from the 1600s or a private palace. How about an Art Deco hotel Lisbon has or an award-winning hotel famed for its sustainable practices?

What food to try

Most of the hotels Lisbon has will offer food for guests though it is nice to try local dishes within the city itself in the many restaurants. Being so close to the sea means Lisbon enjoys a wide variety of seafood, particularly shellfish, sardines and dried cod. A popular dish is porco a alentejana, a mix of clams with pork cooked in white wine with paprika and garlic.

Other delights are pasteis de bacalhau, salt-cod cakes eaten cold as a snack, and frango a piri-piri, barbecued chicken with chilli, a favourite from Portugal’s African colonies. The cheeses, especially goat’s cheese, can be truly spectacular as well as sweet tarts often made from egg yolks and almonds, and arroz doce, rice pudding flavoured with lemon and vanilla.

Things to avoid

If you fancy eating out on a Sunday, it is best to stick to the hotels Lisbon has as many restaurants are closed. If you do not want lukewarm coffee in your latte, ask for galao de maquina to ensure a hot shot of coffee.

Surprisingly the drink of Portugal, port, is not widely served in bars. Locals tend to drink it at home and the port in restaurants can be very cheap. Avoid buying port when out and, instead buy your own quality bottle to enjoy at your leisure.

For a range of hotels Lisbon does not disappoint. For a range of flights and prices, Vayama.ie does not disappoint either as the company can offer a full spectrum of choices. Vayama.ie can even help out with hotels Lisbon style so do not hesitate. Book your hotel Lisbon bound today and your flight to Lisbon through Vayama.ie.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9.99 booking fee.

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