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About Nigeria

Nigeria is known as ‘The Giant of Africa”. It has a population of over 162 million people and is Africa’s most populous country. Located in West Africa, Nigeria has 37 states and its population can be roughly split in half ,with Christians in the south and central states and Muslims in the north. The country’s economy is growing due to its abundance and variety of natural resources and has been classed as having a middle income status by the World Bank.

Why book a flight to Nigeria from Dublin?

Nigeria is home to many cultural festivals, in particular the Durbar Festival which is a celebration held at the end of the Muslim festivals of Eid-al-Fitr and Eid-al-Adha. The event, which is held in towns and cities throughout the country, includes parades, musicians and dancers. Nigeria’s national parks are a must see for any traveller as they offer an opportunity to encounter some of Africa’s infamous wildlife and spectacular scenery.

Top Attractions in Nigeria

  • National Parks – Aso Rock, Abuja and the spectacular Mambilla Plateau allow you to see the country’s wildlife and beautiful landscapes.
  • Traditional villages– guided tours where you can experience and sample traditional Nigerian village living and customs.
  • Lagos Freedom Park – located in the city of Lagos, this park is built on a former prison and is now home to an open air stage, shops, restaurants, gardens and historical exhibits.
  • Azumini Blue River – a beautiful place to relax and unwind in tranquil surroundings. The crystal clear waters provide for water sports such as canoeing and rafting and the freshwater beaches offer safe areas for a refreshing swim.

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