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The fascinating treasures and spectacular architectural masterpieces of ancient Egypt are nowhere more stunningly displayed than in Luxor, which was once the prominent city of Thebes. Regarded as the centre of wisdom, religion, art and political supremacy during the 11th Dynasty, its status also made the city worthy of being the primary home of Amun Ra who had risen to become ‘king of gods’. Today, Luxor retains much of the evidence of its once lofty status.

Cheap Flights Luxor Means Sharing in the Riches of the Gods

The Temple of Amun Ra was the most prominent temple of its time and was later to be joined by temples and pylons commissioned by a great number of subsequent pharaohs from various dynasties. The sheer majesty of the Karnak temple complex still awes visitors today, while a multitude of other buildings and artefacts keep them spellbound, not least of which is the valley of the kings.

Starting with the 18th dynasty and ending with the 20th, pyramid style tombs were abandoned by pharaohs in favour of chambers that were cut into the limestone and inscribed with the names and images of the exalted deceased such as Ramesses IV. The Egyptian belief that ‘To speak the name of the dead is to make him live again’ is strikingly depicted in the vivid inscriptions, images and statues that are still to be seen.

Luxurious Living in Luxor

If the ancient Egyptians believed in surrounding themselves with luxury in life as well as death, then modern Egyptian accommodations attempt to retain this reputation for comfort. The easy-to-use search engine provided by travel companies like Vayama.ie makes finding cheap flights Luxor, as well as the finalising of all other travel arrangements a simple matter of ease and convenience.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9.99 booking fee.

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