Adventures & Chill nights: Summer 2018

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Where to go and what to do

Summer 2018 is finally upon us and we couldn't be more excited! There are so many events and festivals going on in Europe, so where should you go and what should you do in order to make the most of your summer? We've picked out five countries with some of the most interesting events and the best part is: most of them are free to join! So pack your bags and go on a fun filled adventure around Europe! Find these five countries below: Spain, France, Italy, Finland or Croatia!


San Fermin (Running of the Bulls), Pamplona

You've certainly heard about the infamous Running of the Bulls (encierro), haven't you? Indeed, it's the most exciting part of the historical festival honoring San Fermin, the patron of the Pamplona city though it takes only a few minutes each morning for eight days. Be sure not to miss other parts of the fiesta such as the Procession of San Fermín, live concerts, bullfights in the evenings, and an international fireworks competition. All of the festival events are free and open to the public, except for the bullfights.

Date: July 6th until 14th 2018

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La Tomatina, Bunol

What could be more entertaining than a real tomato fight in the middle of the city? Festival La Tomatina gives you a chance to take part in one! The event is held in a small Valencian town of Buñol. The whole action is about creating a tomato chaos lasting for almost two hours and then trying to clean yourself and the city from the mess around. Main advice: wear clothes and closed shoes that you feel easy to throw away afterwards.

Date: August 29th 2018

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Fair of Malaga, Malaga

The annual Fair of Malaga is one of the biggest celebrations in Spain dedicated to the re-conquest of the city by Isabella and Ferdinand in 1487. For the whole week, Malaga turns into the endless festivities and parties. The event is accompanied with the thrilling vibes of flamenco music and full of men and women dressed in fantastic authentic clothing. Not to forget the delicios local food and drinks offered by the street-food stalls! Definitely must-see!

Date: August 13th until 20th 2018

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Bastille Day, Paris

Since 1880, the French Republic has celebrated its national day on the 14th July, Bastille Day. The programme for the national holiday is packed with events. Morning is highlighted with an aerial show and spectecular military parade on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées heading down all the way to a major public square Place de la Concorde. In the evening, a concert and a magnificent firework between 11pm and 11.30pm take place. Exciting emotions are guaranteed!

Date: July 14th 2018

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Tour de France

The 2018 Tour de France will be the 105th edition of the Tour de France, France’s premier annual sporting event.The 3,329 km (2,069 mi) race will depart Noirmoutier-en-l'Île, in the Vendée department, on 7 July and will finish with the Champs-Élysées stage in Paris, on 29 July. To watch the event in person, make a small reaearch about the locations and the best spots to see the race. And hey, whilst there, don't be shy to shout out and have fun!

Date: July 7th until 29th 2018

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Open Air Cinema Festival, Paris

Summer Parisian nights are perfect for the Open Air Cinema Festival! What can be more romantic than watching a film on the big screen comfortably seating in a deckchair with someone special... Remeber location: La Villette. All films are shown in their original language, foreign films are shown with French subtitles. Entry to the screenings at the Open Air Film Festival is free of charge for all. You can hire deckchairs and blankets on site for a more comfortable screening. Bring a picnic and enjoy it before the screening begins.

Date: July 20th until August 20th 2018

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Festa de Noantri, Rome

What is Rome outside of the tourist mainstream? Find it out during the annual Festa de’ Noantri that will take place in the district of Trastevere in July. The event dated back to 16th century is the religious celebration of the Madonna of Mount Carmel. The main event is the procession at 18.30 on 22 July when a statue of the Virgin Mary is carried through Trastevere from the church of St. Agata to the St. Crisgono church. Street theatre, dances and music are the constant companions of the proceedings.

Date: July 16th until 31st 2018

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The Palio of Siena, Rome

Palio of Siena is one of the most popular and well-known sport festivals in Italy. Good reason to join and watch it - it's not staged for the benefit of visitors but speaks load for the civic identity and Sienese pride. This exciting horse race itself takes less than two minutes but attracts thousands of visitors by its electric atmosphere. A position in the cordoned-off area is free of charge.

Date: July 2nd until August 16th 2018

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Cartasia In Lucca, Lucca

With the theme this year being 'Chaos And Silence', the event will turn the city into a bright exibition promoting both sustainability and tradition through paper artwork. Paper artworks will be created by international artists and displayed in Palazzo Ducale, through the Lucca squares and on the city walls. Enjoy a number of additional events including workshops, performances, meetings and games.

Date: August 3rd until September 30th 2018

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Cleaning Day

All throughout the country people can set up their flea markets free of charge and sell their stuff on the streets. The most will be going on in Helsinki of course, but since it is for the whole country, many other towns will have many flea markets as well! So wherever you are you can just go on the streets and shop your heart out! The event is to draw attention to recycling and reusing, or as they call it "the neatest festival of the year".

Date: 25th of August 2018

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Helsinki Cup, Helsinki

This event is all about soccer and kids. It is an international soccer event for young boys and girls to play matches and have fun. In the Helsinki Cup there are as many as 17 different nationalities represented and over 20 000 participants! But not only soccer is happening during this time also many related events are going on. So you can either cheer on your favourite players, play yourself or just enjoy hanging around the many nationalities!

Date: July 9th until 14th 2018

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Helsinki Festival, Helsinki

Doesn't matter what your taste in music is, Helsinki Festival will satisfy you! During Finland's largest arts festival the whole capital will be out and about enjoying the different acts offered. From classical to world music and pop, from drama to contemporary dance, and from visual art to film and children’s events, you'll find everything here!

Date: August 17th until September 2nd 2018

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Fisherman's Day, Baska

Baska is a smaller town in the north of Croatia and holds many nice traditions. One of them is the fishermen's net pulling and the expanding festival that comes with it! Since 1910 visitors love to immerge in the traditions and get out their best striped shirts to join the locals for delicious food and a good time!

Date: August 3rd until 5th 2018

Salt Festival, Ston

Taking place in the oldest salt work in the whole of Europe, this festival is for sure something special. Many years ago salt used to be called the "White Gold" and was the main money source for many cities in the 14th century. Check out traditional products and handcrafts and take part in workshops!

Date: August 28th until September 3rd 2018

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Croatia Bike Week, Pula

This event is all about motorcycle's! Bike manufacturers, bike enthusiasts and those who just want to have a great time will be there. But there won't be just bikes, also oldtimer shows, good parties and concerts will happen. Keep in mind: Those arriving in Pula by motorcycle will have free entrance and also camp for free! The most important part though: the amazing biker parade through the whole town. A truly impressive sight!

Date: August 27th until September 2nd 2018

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