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The new year is just around the corner and we all get the chance for a fresh start. That's why we want to encourage you to fulfil your wish to travel to one of your dream destinations of 2020. Sign up to the subscription form below and get the chance to win a £50 voucher specifically to your dream destination!

What did you tick off of your 2019 bucket list?

And once again, the year comes to an end. Time to sit back and to start reviewing what you have achieved and done this year. Did you try out new things this year? Did you manage to visit the city you have dreamed about exploring for so long or is it still on your bucket list, waiting for you to tick it off?

Need some inspiration for your 2020 bucket list?
Then keep reading: Over the year we collected some stories from travellers and we will hereby present you 3 short stories from 3 people who managed to cross off one of their dream destinations of their 2019 bucket list.

Roadtrip Eastcoast Australia

This year I got to fulfill a dream I had since childhood: Go and explore the East Coast of Australia. A destination on the other side of the world, a country as big as the whole european continent and with a variety of nature, animals, cultures and sights to explore that I would never have imagined. Because of all the things you can do there it’s hard to choose. My trip started in Cairns where I scuba dived on one of the most beautiful diving spots on earth - the Great Barrier Reef. I continued traveling downwards, stopping in Airlie Beach to join a sailing boat on its trip to the Whitsunday Islands, a magical set of islands with the whitest sand on earth. I ended my trip in Sydney after stopping in Brisbane and on the Magnetic Island. I am proud to say I had the time of my life there. My plans for 2020? Go and travel the West Coast of Australia.
Paty, 32

Alicante, Spain

Is there anything better than going on a trip with your best friend? I doubt it. Our trip was super last minute and also only three days long, but we had lots of fun walking around in the beautiful city and dancing in clubs! I believe Spain is the perfect place for a quick summer getaway. We spent the days eating churros con chocolate for breakfast, walking around in the city and relaxing at the beach (tipp: don’t fall asleep in the sun without sunscreen - looking like a tomato on your holiday pictures is not that fun). And in the evening, before hitting one of the numerous bars and clubs, we had dinner in one of the amazing restaurants at the beach while watching the sunset! Amazing how much you can do and see in just 3 days.
My plans for 2020? I want to travel to Los Angeles to visit a friend and to experience the american lifestyle a bit.
Marie, 24

New York

Just last week I visited New York with my family, and it was like in an American Christmas movie! The city has a very special flair in winter and the streets are even more impressive and covered with Christmas decorations. We can now not only rave about unique impressions and unbelievable architecture, but we also have many holiday anecdotes to tell. For example, when we accidentally ordered a huge pizza because the measurements are given in inches, or when we admired dancing and singing shows in the subway that seem to happen there on a daily basis. I wandered with my kids through the crazy Manhattan traffic, trying to hold the troop together and not lose anyone. I can tell you: it's insanely busy! It was exciting and beautiful, the sparkling city put us all in the Christmas mood and I know we'll be back!
Antonio, 56

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9.99 booking fee.

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