Shamrock, leprechauns and a pot of gold

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A brief introduction into St Patrick's day

St Patrick's day is celebrated as a national holiday in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. The main idea of the holiday nowadays is to praise the achievements of the Irish people and make them proud to be Irish!

When it's celebrated

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated annually on March 17 - in 2020 it’s a Sunday. Doesn’t it sound like a great excuse for a weekend getaway and a striking celebration in another city or even another country? Events will be running worldwide from March 11 to 19. The location? You choose!

What's behind

Originally it was a religious feast day for St Patrick – the patron saint of Ireland and a Christian missionary. He converted thousands of the pagan Irish to Christianity in the northern half of the country. March 17th marks the accepted date in 493 CE of St. Patrick’s death.

What's happening

In Ireland, two largest celebrations take place in Dublin and Downpatrick, where St Patrick was buried. The festivities include enormous parades, festivals, musical performances, and fireworks as well as praising traditional Irish food and drinks like corned beef and Guinness beer.

Good to know

  1. Shocking truth - St Patrick was actually not born Irish (but Scottish) and he wasn’t a Saint (he was never canonised by the Church).

  2. A shamrock is a symbol of this celebration as by legends St Patrick used it to explain the Holy Trinity to those he preached to.

  3. There is no real connection between the St Patrick and leprechauns though it’s the most popular eye-catching outfit for the celebration.

  4. The original version of 'Happy St Patrick's Day' in Gaelic is "La Fheile Padraig".

What to wear

For a proper celebration of the Patrick’s Day and saving yourself from getting pinched, you might wish to wear one or more of the following:

  1. A shamrock symbol

  2. Green accessories (top hat, socks, glasses, hair bows, hair dye, make-up and nail varnish)

  3. Green clothing (an all green t-shirt with optional Irish-related sayings like "Kiss me, I'm Irish!")

  4. For PROs - a leprechaun costume!

Did you get an idea? Go Green to feel the real Irish spirit!

Food to try

Wherever you celebrate this exciting holiday, don’t miss a chance to try some Irish food and make a toast for the Irish people! Try this:

  1. Irish stew

  2. Irish potato soup

  3. Irish potato champ, also known as poundies, cally or pandy

  4. Irish brown bread

  5. Beef and Guinness pie

  6. Irish cream chocolate mousse cake

  7. And must-try Irish beer and Irish coffee

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9.99 booking fee.

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